Taking requests

Hello everybody.

I will begin working on the Ubuntu-Rescue-Remix alpha release next week.

Please make any requests for packages or features before the 25th so that I can try to get them into the next release.

That means if you are fond of a particular data recovery or forensics application that is not already included in the Rescue-Remix, speak up!



Request for CloneZilla

Request for CloneZilla :
Please consider adding CloneZilla to the latest ISO. I think CloneZilla is probably the best disk image creation tools out there , and thus fits the bill perfectly for a rescue distro..thanks!


Hi Scionic. I can't find an

Hi Scionic.

I can't find an Ubuntu package for Clonezilla. Although I can find the source code, packaging it seems to be complicated, as the code seems to depend on specific versions of other tools.

I don't think that Clonezilla does a better job than Gnu ddrescue at imaging a lost drive although it does have more features for the use of cloning a hard drive for backup purposes. I think Clonezilla is well suited for a standalone live system.

The Ubuntu Rescue Remix is a toolkit. You could probably install it on the Clonezilla Live system, if you are able to run it off a live cd with persistent data. That would satisfy your need for combining both tools.

So unless someone can point me to an easy to install Clonezilla package, it will not be included in the Rescue-Remix.

look at here:

look at here: http://packratstudios.com/index.php/2008/04/20/how-to-setup-clonezilla-on-linux-ubuntu-quick-start-guide/

Hi Andrei. Thanks for the

Hi Andrei.

Thanks for the link. That is a fairly old page. Nonetheless, there still is no Ubuntu package for CloneZilla. I cannot include software that is not packaged.

This seems

This seems interesting:

i am looking at using your

i am looking at using your live distro for our consulting firm. i would love to see an antivirus tool (especially the likes of Avira Antivir, bitdefender, clamav, or avg.

Hi. The rescue-remix live


The rescue-remix live toolkit is a command-line based shell. Of the tools you mentioned, only clamav can be run from the command line. Not to mention that it's the only one that is free-libre and open source software.

The live system is meant to be run on systems that are not able to run a complete desktop. For that reason, the toolkit only contains software that is directly related with data-recovery or forensics. However, if the clamav packages can be installed without taking up that much space, then I will consider including them. I will not include virus data files as that would take up too much space for the purposes of the live system. That would mean that you would have to establish a network connection from the command-line to update the virus data files into your ram or persistent data - that may not be very practical.

For systems that can run a complete desktop, I suggest you install the regular Ubuntu Desktop onto a USB pen drive and use the "persistent data" option. The, install the rescue-remix metapackage.

Copy the line below and adding it to your system's software sources.

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/arzajac/ppa/ubuntu karmic main

Then authenticate this software source by running the following command:

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys BDFD6D77

Then, install the "ubuntu-rescue-remix-tools" package.

You can include the clamav packages onto your USB system by installing them, too.

It may be too late for your

It may be too late for your next release but I would like to request the inclusion of gpart. It just saved a laptop of mine that seemed hopelessly lost. I read a tip to try gpart; it was able to recover a deleted partition table ("guess partition table"). I think that parted may be able to do a similar thing but gpart is very simple to use.

Hi Greg Testdisk is able to

Hi Greg

Testdisk is able to recover lost partitions.

And Gnu-Cfdisk is included - it is the same as gparted only it has a curses interface. There is no graphical desktop in Ubuntu-Rescue-Remix.

Great work so far. I'd like

Great work so far. I'd like to request smbfs please.

I've had to use it to ddrescue to a Windows Server or some NAS with no NFS support. Maybe add curlftpfs since we already have FUSE for ntfs-3g and libcurl for...well...everything

Hi Saik0. Adding smbfs,

Hi Saik0.

Adding smbfs, although it doesn't have any GUI dependencies is still significant. It would increase the size of the image.

It may make more sense to keep the iso image small and used for low-power systems. The recommended way to use the Ubuntu-rescue-remix toolkit on an everyday computer is to create a live USB Ubuntu desktop and add the ubuntu-rescue-remix-tools metapage from the PPA.

Hay, Andrew, uh, I realize

Hay, Andrew, uh, I realize this is kind of an unusual request, but...

a) What kernel are u using w/urr?
b) Do u have any suggestions for incorporating Speakup or any screenreader for the blind into your software?

I'm kind of a Linux newby & am changing my forensics software from dos/windows to Linux & really need the screenreader capability. I know it's kind of a lot to ask, but could u help or at least point me in the right direction?

Thanks very much in advance.

I just came across Ubuntu

I just came across Ubuntu Rescue Remix the other day, and I am so grateful for it already, although I have not used it on a system just yet for recovery purposes. I do, however, have a system on hand that I am looking forward to working with. This is just what I was looking for.

Anyhow, I know it is probably too late for requests, but I wanted to second abletec's request for a screen reader, if it is at all possible. I am legally blind, and some monitors display CLI text in quite a small font which makes things difficult at times. From my understanding, the reliability fo a screen reader in a CLI environment is extremely high compared to a GUI environment (which, from what I have heard, is still quite reliable even under those circumstances)

Even if this is not possible, I am still grateful for your hard work and for what you are doing.

Hay, Andrew, uh, I realize

Hay, Andrew, uh, I realize this is kind of an unusual request, but...

a) What kernel are u using w/urr?
b) Do u have any suggestions for incorporating Speakup or any screenreader for the blind into your software?

I'm kind of a Linux newby & am changing my forensics software from dos/windows to Linux & really need the screenreader capability. I know it's kind of a lot to ask, but could u help or at least point me in the right direction?

Thanks very much in advance.

Request for gpart: It just

Request for gpart:
It just saved a failed hard drive for me. (OK, the hard drive didn't really fail: something else that I was doing erased the partition table even though it shouldn't have) I started down the path of doing a similar partition table recovery with parted but then I switched and tried gpart was impressed by its ease. I ran it once to preview, and a second time with '-W' to write the table. I've been using Rescue Remix for a few releases and really like it, even though gpart wasn't included it was easy to get. Thanks.

I second the call for

I second the call for clamav. An anti-virus, anti-trojan scan is an essential part of many rescue missions, whether trying to recover a frozen system, or just recovering files from an infected system.

One would have two options for updating virus/malware definitions: either establish an internet connection or save definition file on transportable media such as a usb drive (perhaps the same usb drive one boots rescue remix from) and update from that location.

You state that remix "toolkit is a command line-based shell". I see a place for such economy, but think that there is a greater need for gui tools. I encourage you to include gui frontends whenever they are available.

And chance nfs-common could

And chance nfs-common could be installed by default, so that one can mount nfs drives while trying to fix stuff?



I would like to see the

I would like to see the "wipe" utility being loaded into the CD. It is good to sanitize Hard Drives before using them to dump images for data recovery that way there is no fear of data contamination. I usually use dban but is almost unusable since it is extremely picky with controller cards and when it works it is too slow.


El errillo.

With a journaled filesystem,

With a journaled filesystem, overwriting a particular file is not assured since it is usually possible to find portions of the old "overwritten" file after the wiping. Utilities like shred or wipe are a false sense of security.

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Please include cryptsetup.

Please include cryptsetup. Thanks.